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Protect your livestock from predators

Livestock Guardian Dogs

The reliable alternative strategy

for preventing livestock predation.

Erin Williams from Livestock Guardian Dogs Australia delivering a short presentation at the APDT Conference 2019 – Australia’s premier dog training event.

The topic is “Livestock Guardian Dogs in Suburbia” – what owners and trainers need to know to help these breeds better adapt to and cope with life in an urban environment.





The Problem

Wild dogs, foxes and feral cats cost the Australian community in excess of $117 million annually, through stock losses and control programmes.


Farmers and graziers are  forced out of livestock enterprises because they are no longer financially viable due to the impacts of predators. Some have been forced to walk away from their enterprises.


This has led to an increase in mental health issues for affected farmers and their rural communities.

The Solution

Livestock Guardian Dogs have been used successfully for thousands of years to prevent livestock predation.

In the 1970’s Livestock Guardian Dogs were introduced to agriculture in the USA and are now used extensively in the USA and Canada. With similarities in livestock production and grazing models, it makes sense that Australia could also benefit from this strategy.

Guardian dogs have proved their worth against predators such as, wolves, bears, mountain lions, foxes, dingoes, feral dogs, birds of prey, coyotes, feral cats, and even cheetahs and leopards.

Most recently, they are being used in conservation projects across the world. There’s no doubt about their diversity of application!

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Erin Williams


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Erin Williams

Erin Williams

Founder & Educator

Erin’s passion for Livestock Guardian Dogs led her to establish Livestock Guardian Dogs Australia– a new organisation with a vision for how using Livestock Guardian Dogs to prevent livestock predation (a highly successful alternative strategy) could transform Australia’s existing human/wildlife conflicts.

 Erin is a trainer and educator with 35+ years of experience training and handling dogs and she specialises in livestock guardian dogs. With her agricultural background, she facilitates the successful application of Livestock Guardian Dogs into rural enterprises.

Highly recommend

I would highly recommend Erin for anybody wanting help with a livestock guardian. Erin is a wonderful human being and a wealth of knowledge and support to anyone struggling with behaviours. But even if you don’t have problems, do yourself a favour and talk to Erin, she’s amazing!

- Evan Watts


I can’t express just how thankful I am to Erin and Livestock Guardian Dogs Australia. Without Erin’s response to my desperate Facebook post, I am sure Banjo and Henry would both be long gone. Instead, I now have two healthy, happy and productive livestock guardian dogs.

- Jessica Harding

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Erin invites you to get in touch to discuss opportunities for Livestock Guardian Dog Training, Workshops & Field Days, Consultancy and Presentations.