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Helping Australian Farmers to Protect their Rural Assets


Livestock Guardian Dogs (LGDs) are bred for protecting livestock from predators. Different breeds include Maremmas, Great Pyrenees, Kangal Dogs, Central Asian Shepherds and Yugoslavian Shepherd Dogs (featured in the above image).

In their own countries, LGDs are the PRIMARY STRATEGY for protection of livestock from predators.

LGDs stay with their livestock, full time. Their guarding instincts help them to form a protective bond with their livestock. Unlike herding dogs which control the movement of livestock, LGDs blend in and move with their livestock, ever watchful for predators.

The mere presence of an LGD is usually enough to ward off some predators. LGDs confront predators initially by vocal intimidation (barking) and progress to more aggressive intimidation if required.

Livestock Guardian Dogs Australia promotes the use of LGDs to prevent livestock predation in Australia. It was conceived by Erin Williams who has 35+ years of experience training and handling dogs and who specialises in the application of working Livestock Guardian Dogs.

This is the first time that a service offering the practical day to day problem solving and expertise in the use of LGDs has been offered to Australian farmers who are prepared to commit to this strategy, via workshops, field trips, consultancy services and most importantly, ongoing support.

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