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When Fire Finds Your Farm

Guest Post by Emily Little

My working maremma Bear knew what was coming when my husband and I were forced to leave him, his young trainee (Marloo), and our dorper ewes and lambs when we evacuated ahead of the November 8 Bobin Fire.

How to Help your Animals in Bushfires – from a Veterinarian

Guest Post by Dr Kat Gregory BVSc.MANZCVSc
Bushfires are part of our Australian landscape, and it seems more important than ever that all of us should be prepared – not just for ourselves, but the animals with whom we share our lives. Proactive management, is always the best approach.

“LET’S GO!” – A Fire Plan for Livestock Guardian Dogs

Being prepared and having an evacuation plan for your Livestock Guardian Dogs is vital.  Some of these steps differ to those for evacuating other non-working breeds, so be aware of the  likely difficulties you may face uprooting a bonded LGD from their livestock.

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