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OUR Story

Livestock Guardian Dogs Australia, promotes the use of Livestock Guardian Dogs (LGDs) to prevent livestock predation in Australia.

This is the first time that a service offering the practical day to day problem solving and expertise in the use of LGDs has been offered to Australian farmers, via workshops, field trips, consultancy services and most importantly, ongoing support. It is the day to day practicalities that can determine the success or failure of this strategy for the farmer and acquiring the requisite skills and understanding are critical to that success.

Erin is passionate about this innovative and highly effective strategy and offers practical help to farmers who feel they are in a hopeless spiral of stock and financial losses, economic uncertainty and mental stress.

She recently explained her motivation –
When I heard of yet another farmer taking their life as a result of the devastation of livestock predation on their operation, I decided someone had to take up this challenge and reach out to these people. I am hoping that this initiative will in some way help to relieve those feelings of desperation amongst affected farmers.”

This highly effective strategy can not only save a livestock enterprise from financial ruin, it has many other benefits such as improving the mental health of farming families and their rural communities, therefore helping to build resilience; reduced livestock stress and increased livestock production levels; reduced pest control costs; and more sustainable outcomes for human/wildlife conflict. Let’s not waste this opportunity.

Livestock guardian dogs have long been considered the ‘Primary Strategy’ for preventing livestock predation in their countries of origin such as – Europe, Turkey, Central Asia and Russia.

Livestock Guardian Dogs Australia was conceived by Erin Williams, who is internationally recognised for her understanding, experience, and expertise in LGD training, management, deployment, and support. LGDA uses that expertise to educate and support Australian farmers to implement their own successful livestock guardian dog strategy.